We are a company dedicated for generations to the fascinating world f beekeeping, evolving through a continuous learning process of man and bee’s symbiosis.
Mel Serra de Portel is a company dedicated to the prodution and commercialization of apiarist products, such as honey and pollen, among others.
We are located in Alentejo, on Portel’s mountain range in Évora’s disctrit, in the centenarian riverside village Amieira, on the bank of Alqueva great lake.


The existing miscellaneous flora, tipically mediterraneal, determines the unique quality of our honey. Our hives dwell in a vast non-agricultural area, with no use of pesticides and phytopharmaceuticals and absence of industrial and urban pollution. Holm oak and cork oak are abundant.
Under this ecosystem grows a spontaneous and varied flora, tipically wild and mediterraneal, where lavender and rockrose are predominant. The rich honeyflow and pollen composition are responsible for the quality of our products.


Rua da Bica, n.º 1, Amieira
7220-110 Portel Portugal
Phone: (+351) 266 611395

Other contacts:
Rua da Venezuela, 67, 3º Dto
1500-619 Lisboa Portugal
Phone: (+351) 21 7607538

(+351) 91 9867864
(+351) 91 9417388
(+351) 91 7693403

To farmhouse visits please contact us with a two days notice